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Our Philosophy

CourseCo has become the largest golf management company in its region by viewing corporate growth as a by-product of service, not as a primary objective. Concentrating on excellent performance of our last acquisition gets priority over planning our next acquisition. While growth is an important objective, we believe that by "doing everything we promise to do, plus ten percent," the quality of our work will assure our natural growth. CourseCo's decisions to pursue new business are made collaboratively by the people who will be both affected by the decision and responsible for its success—our senior operating personnel and officers.

The company has grown around its core in Northern California by focusing on these principles:
  • Markets, properties, communities, and clients are known and understood personally by CourseCo's senior managers and principals.

  • Detailed corporate supervision of site operations is coupled with entrepreneurial motivation and freedom for site managers.

  • Communication lines between CourseCo's principals and its clients are kept short.

  • Maintain an unrelenting focus on our clients' bottom line.
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Pacific Grove Golf Links