John C. Telischak Award

Telischak Award photograph with headline
This annual award is highly symbolic. Most importantly, it is presented for what is the single most important financial measure of operating success, the annual increase in net operating income. We value many things in business, but this is both the literal and proverbial “bottom line.”

It is not called the John C. Telischak award only as an honorific. The name is symbolic. John, Vice Chairman and a CourseCo partner since shortly after its founding, symbolizes excellence for all of us. His sophisticated business acumen, his work habits and practices, which evince the highest standards of quality and ethics, and his unblinking focus on profitability are a model within the company. It is therefore entirely fitting that this highest award be named for him.

While we understand that without your organization behind you, you could not have achieved the results the award salutes, the award is specifically for leadership of the organization. It goes to the “captain of the ship” (note the symbolism of the marine chronometer atop the pyramid). That’s why the enclosed check is made out to you personally.

The permanent symbol of the John C. Telischak Award is on display at Petaluma. The annual winners’ names are inscribed on it. The chronometer also reminds us that while we can change the supply of labor, materials and capital, the one resource of management that we cannot change is the supply of time. So we must use it wisely, as does John Telischak. The clock will also remind us always to be “clock builders, not just time tellers.”

Photo of Eric Thompson

Announcing the 2021 Winner:
Eric Thompson
General Manager of Callippe Preserve Golf Course

Past Recipiants:

Year   Recipiant
2020 Johnny Eusebio, Eaton Canyon and Altadena Golf Courses
2019 Keith Berry, Riverside Golf Course
2018 Aaron Raihl, Sun Willows Golf Course
2017 Christopher Gay, Petaluma Golf & Country Club
2016 Shelley Hara, Metropolitan Golf Links
2015 Kevin Niessner, Glendoveer Golf and Tennis
2014 Brian Dutler, Boundary Oak Golf Course
2013 Shelley Hara, Metropolitan Golf Links
2012 Asa Jennings, Mather Golf Course
2011 Lance Iwanaka, Boundary Oak Golf Course
2010 Scot Hathaway, Los Lagos Golf Course
2009 Jeff Johnson, Eureka Golf Course
2008 Aaron Hensley, Valley Oaks Golf Course
2007 Tom Sims, Napa Golf Course
2006 Bruce Perisho, Eureka Golf Course
2005 Long Nguyen, Rancho del Pueblo Golf Course
2004 Paul Henderson, Mather Golf Course
2003 Tom Terra, Valley Oaks Golf Course
2002 Jonathan Love, Eureka Golf Course
2001 Adam Pohll, Riverside Golf Course