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Integrated Pest Management

CourseCo-managed facilities utilize Integrated Pest Management programs set forth in individual IPM-CHAMP plans. (IPM = Integrated Pest Management; CHAMP = Chemical Application Management Plan). Each plan describes what cultural and non-chemical control measures will be taken to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Clear understanding of the micro-environments throughout the course allows for the implementation of cultural practices that will reduce the pest populations by strengthening the natural defenses of turfgrasses. Our plans include a description of the thresholds at which chemical pest control will be employed, if at all, in each area of the course. Finally, the CHAMP describes the best management practices to be followed when chemical pest controls are utilized if pest populations exceed the established thresholds.

CourseCo has received local, state and national recognition for innovative use of integrated pest management. Examples of innovative practices include the use of microscopes for early detection of pathogenic fungi, frequent mapping of pest populations and collaboration with the USGA in studying 18 new bentgrass varieties to determine which the have best natural resistence to a particular climate.