• Environmental Stewardship

As a community partner, we have always stressed that a golf course can provide optimal golf course conditions while employing sustainable methods of turfgrass maintenance.  CourseCo is the most honored golf management firm in the country for it’s environmental practices including having won the President’s Award from the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America in back-to-back years. Environmental stewardship is particularly important to CourseCo because we are dedicated to ensuring these natural resources can be enjoyed by all. It is the way we hold ourselves to a higher standard that is good for the environment and frankly, just the right thing to do.   

With environmental stewardship as a core value, CourseCo can help to promote sustainability. This involves a variety of strategies, such as using environmentally friendly maintenance practices, implementing water conservation measures, using renewable energy sources, and reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides. CourseCo follows the Best Management Practices for sustainability, and we work with each course independently to ensure our environment profiles are inline with the native habitats we serve.