• Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Founded in 1989, CourseCo’s sole business activity is the operations of golf courses and associated food & beverage operations.  With 44 golf properties under management, our 2,000+ employees are trained and focused on delivering a superior experience to all of our guests and achieving the goals of our clients, the golf course owners.  CourseCo’s management technique, which has remained constant and allowed us to continue to stand out from the competition, is our commitment to run each course as an individual entity rather than just one part of a large portfolio.  While this means a significant amount of additional work, our results have consistently exceeded expectations over the years.  This approach can effectively be broken down into four areas:

  • Business Planning and Budgeting – Our budgeting and business planning is done from a zero base for every property.  We seek to understand the goals, objectives and obstacles for each property and custom design a plan and budget each and every year that best serves the needs of the facility.
  • Staffing – Each property under our management has different staffing models that best serves the needs of the facility.  All key management staff are selected based on their individual fit for the property.
  • Corporate Oversite – A key to any management plan is the amount of involvement and oversite provided by the corporate team.  We are confident that we spend more time on all our properties than any other management company and this commitment ultimately provides both better guest experience and operating results.
  • Client Communication and Collaboration – We view all our management contracts as a partnership rather than a contract to deliver services.  Through constant communication and collaboration with our clients we are able to ensure goals and objectives remain aligned. 

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