• A message from our President/CEO to the CourseCo Family (3/23/2020)

March 23, 2020

CourseCo Family-

   Nationally and internationally we all continue to battle the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.  Since the beginning of its presence in the United States, CourseCo and our facilities have been proactively monitoring developments and creating the safest possible environment for our employees and guests.  We eliminated all non-essential travel and canceled company-wide meetings in early March, we cancelled all large banquets and events just a few days later and then quickly moved to cancel all banquets and events of any size shortly after.  We have worked with a variety of agencies including States, Counties, Cities and Public Health Groups to ensure we are in compliance and exceeding the new standards of each.  As everyone is aware it has been a fluid environment as often things change day to day if not hour to hour, only exacerbating the situation.  The work our employees, at all of our locations, have done has been tireless and focused and I cannot thank each of you enough for what you/they have done to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.

  The question today I am receiving the most continues to be “Why are some of your courses open and others are not?” and this is more than fair to ask.  The answer while complicated in its nuance is rather simple – there is a divergence in policy on whether golf as an outdoor activity, with inherent social-distancing, should remain open at this time.  We have taken the guidance of the government’s local health experts, and ownership, in each circumstance to decide if we should remain open or not.  In those cases where the guidance has been to close, we have done so quickly and efficiently.  In those cases where the guidance was to remain open with certain restrictions that promote safety and health, we have done so while ensuring we are exceeding the recommendations and implementing stringent sanitation and safety protocols.  In all circumstances, we will continue to monitor this closely and carefully and act according to the direction we receive from the experts. 

  The health and safety of our employee’s and guest’s will always be our number one priority.  I know that while there seems to be no end in sight, we will get through this.  We are certainly in this together and we will continue to adapt and manage in this ever-changing environment.   We appreciate all the work, support, and leadership from our CourseCo family during these difficult times and I look forward to the time when we can return to normal operations at all of our facilities.  We will continue to update our website, protocols/policy, and communicate out as we learn more and get new information.  I remind you that our WHQ Team is available to assist you and our employees during this time and available 24/7. 

Thank you and stay safe,

Michael Sharp


CourseCo, Inc