• COVID-19 Update: Statement from CourseCo (3/31/2020)

March 31, 2020

Friends of CourseCo:

These have been trying times for all of us and within our little world of golf we have been working non-stop to ensure our employees, guests and golf courses are all taken care of to the best of our abilities. The question I am personally getting the most right now is “Why are some golf courses open and others are closed?” with a close second “Do you think golf courses should be open?” At CourseCo our Executive Team has discussed this at length and I personally have spent time a lot of time thinking about this topic. While the answer is not easy here is where we are today –

• Given the correct, very stringent, health and safety protocols we believe golf can provide an excellent outdoor activity
• Golf courses remaining open supports hundreds of thousands of jobs across the county and given today’s work environment this is a positive
• At courses that remain open the overall support from golfers has been outstanding
• At courses that remain open the golfers have been very supportive of restrictions and new protocols put into place for health and safety reasons
• The options for outdoor activities that can reasonably accommodate social distancing is limited – but golf is one that can

In summary, while we respect and adhere to the directions of our local Health Departments and other government agencies, we do believe golf can play an important role as we navigate our way through this pandemic. As a company, we will continue to work with all relevant experts and support our communities the best that we can. In the meantime, we will remain open where allowed and closed where mandated and look forward to returning to normal operations when allowed to do so.

Thank you,

Michael Sharp
CourseCo, Inc