• Altadena Golf Club Triumphs at the 2023 Kessler Cup Regional Qualifier and Final

Altadena, CA – October 14th 2023

Altadena Golf Club proudly announces its resounding victory at the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) "Kessler Cup" Regional Qualifier and Final. The journey began on October 14th, when Altadena Golf Club participated in the Regional Qualifier at Knollwood Golf Course, ultimately advancing to the Kessler Cup final held on November 12th at Mountain Meadows Golf Course.

In the Regional Qualifier, Altadena fielded a formidable 12-player team consisting of Scott Mayton, Stuart Shaklan, Michael Mennes, Bob Harrison, Charlie Huff, Cameron Matheson, Se Chavez, Jamie Campbell, Rod Chew, Jeffrey Patrick, Jordan Rivera, and Bill Fennessy. The team's exceptional performance secured victory, earning Altadena the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Kessler Cup final.

The Kessler Cup final featured four regional qualifier teams: Altadena from the Northwest, Brookside from the Northeast, South Bay from the Southwest, and Chester-Washington from the Southeast. Altadena's 12-player team for the final included Anthony Ardizzi, Cameron Mathison, Charlie Huff, Dan Laster, Jordan Rivera, Daniel Dingle, Jamie Campbell, Rod Chew, Mike Mennes, Scott Mayton, Se Chavez, and Stuart Shaklan.

The competition unfolded with Individual Matches, where Altadena players Anthony Ardizzi, Se Chavez, Cameron Mathison, Charlie Huff, Dan Laster, Jordan Rivera, and Daniel Dingle showcased their skill. Altadena secured three points in the 18-hole matches, with victories by Ardizzi, Mathison, and Laster. At the conclusion of the Individual Matches, Altadena was tied for second place with Chester-Washington, both accumulating three points each, while Brookside led with four points and South Bay had two.

The Partner's Matches were a turning point for Altadena. The frontside featured a "Better Ball" format, and the backside was played as an Alternate Shot format. The team of Jamie Campbell and Rod Chew delivered an outstanding performance, winning both the front and back sides for a crucial two points. Bill Fennessy and Mike Mennes secured victory on the backside, earning another two points for Altadena and overtaking the lead from Brookside. Scott Mayton and Stuart Shaklan added half a point to the total, solidifying Altadena's triumph.

After a thrilling day of competition, CourseCo’s own Altadena Golf Club emerged as the 2023 Kessler Cup champions. The coveted Kessler Cup is now proudly displayed in the Altadena Golf Course pro shop, commemorating this remarkable achievement.

Altadena Golf Club extends its gratitude to the players, supporters, and everyone involved in making this victory possible.

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